Test and Measurement

We offer Test and Measurement service in our workshop or in the field with our high technology test devices and experienced engineers.


  • Inspection Report and Comment

  • Isolation Resistance Measurement

  • Ohmic Resistance and Induction Measurement

  • Surge Test

  • Hi-Pot Test

  • Dar Test

  • PI Test

  • Bar to Bar Test

  • Sac Paket Isı Testi

  • Rotor Influence Check (RIC Test)

  • Slip Ring and Commutator Ovality Measurement Shaft Deflection Measurement

  • Surface Roughness Measurement

  • Spring Tension Measurement

  • Thermal Monitoring Measurement and Heat Mapping

  • Partial Discharge Test

  • Vibration Analysis and Bearing Performance Tests On-Site

  • Growler Test

  • Dynamic Balance

  • Rotor Shaft Blockage Test

  • Flame Path Test

    Our Principles:

    • To have calibrations of all the test and measurement devices fulfilled to accredited bodies on a regular basis and have certificates.

    • To make the right identification and right comment by measurement and reporting according to international standards.


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