Our company which operates according to legislation and legal terms in electrical motors winding and repair business implements its quality production and service approach at the top level by taking International Standards and principles as baseline.

According to management by objectives philosophy, risks and environmental impacts of our activities, we have built and applied an integrated management system for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety subjects in order to prevent pollution, injury and health impairment.

Our policy to fulfill these targets is to meet Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety Systems requirements and increase customer and employee satisfaction.

As a company, our Environmental Management policy is: to fulfill legislation terms regarding the environment, to decrease the wastes to minimum levels by using the natural resources efficiently and to use the most improved technology to prevent environmental pollution and continuously increase our performance accordingly.

Our Occupational Health and Safety policy is: to fulfill Occupational Health and Safety legislation terms, take safety precautions in the work area, work through to make employees internalize and take care of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and improve our performance on them continuously.

The goal of our policy is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by using high technology, information, and experience with our team which can find quick and accurate solutions for winding and repair of electric motors and transformers.

Our basic principle is to satisfy our customers’ fair price, quality production and delivery on time expectations with care, attentive and minimum fault by using the best quality products of world brands.

Continuity of the integrated management system is essential thanks to the continuous training of all stage employees.

Conformity to integrated management system terms and continuous improvement of its effectiveness shall be maintained.

While implementing all these activities, our principle to respect nature is an integral part of our main policy.

We will continue to be one of the leader companies in our sector by improving our system continuously by using our sources effectively such as our fast and safe service, protecting the environment, experienced labor force, technological infrastructure, and material.