We were established in 1982 to make winding, overhaul, and repair above international standards for electric motors especially in heavy industry which breakdown often.

We continue our services which are conforming to international quality standards with the awareness that nature and living things must be protected.

We offer the best solutions in the best quality for different industries’ needs with our experience of 38 years and innovative ideas.

Our company which operates according to legislation and legal terms in electrical motors winding and repair business is implementing its quality production and service approach at the top level by taking International Standards and principles as baseline.

According to management by objectives philosophy, risks and environmental impacts of our activities, we have built and applied an integrated management system for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, and Safety.

subjects in order to prevent pollution, injury and health impairment.
As a company, our Environmental Management policy is: to fulfill legislation terms regarding the environment, to decrease the wastes to minimum levels by using the natural resources efficiently and to use the most improved technology to prevent environmental pollution and continuously increase our performance accordingly.

The goal of our policy is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by using high technology, information, and experience with our team which can find quick and accurate solutions for winding and repair of electric motors and transformers.

Our basic principle is to satisfy our customers’ fair price, quality production and delivery on time expectations with care, attentive and minimum fault by using the best quality products of world brands.

Continuity of the integrated management system is the main target by continuous training of all stage employees.

Conformity to integrated management system terms and continuous improvement of its effectiveness shall be maintained.



Winding Overhaul and Repair

In our facility which has all the infrastructure needed for winding, overhaul, and repair works, we combine materials conforming the standards with the best labor and carry out works of which steps can be followed live and remotely, test with modern measurement tools and equipment and deliver on committed time.

Our Services

AC Motor Rotor / Stator Winding Repair and Overhaul
DC Motor Armature / Inductor Winding Repair and Overhaul
Ex-proof Motor Winding Repair and Overhaul
Alternator Winding Repair and Overhaul
Traction Motors (Railway System Motors) Winding Repair and Overhaul
Magnetic Stirrer Production Winding and Repair
Dry Type Transformer Winding

Our Principles

Our principle is to share all the steps of our work with our customers with photos and comments.
Mechanical repair and production in our workshop with our experienced foreman without outsourcing the job.


We offer service by taking our environment, employees and customer satisfaction as criteria by using raw materials according to world standards in electric motor winding and repair. Requests, suggestions, and complaints of our domestic and foreign customers are directing us as a guide for our continuous improvement.

Our Services

Coil Production
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)
Commutator Production
Shaft Production
Slip Ring Production
Laminated Sheet Production (Lamination)
Slide Bearing Repair and Production
Wire Isolation
TIG Welding

Our Principles

To use material and raw material that is certified to be in compliance with World Standards
To make the health of our Environment and Employees our first priority
To satisfy our customers and use their suggestions and complaints about our improvement

Test and Measurement

We offer Test and Measurement service in our workshop or in the field with our high technology test devices and experienced engineers.

Our services

Inspection Report and Comment
Isolation Resistance Measurement
Ohmic Resistance and Induction Measurement
Surge Test
Hi-Pot Test
Dar Test
PI Test
Bar to Bar Test
Laminated Sheet Heat Test
Rotor Influence Check (RIC Test)
Slip Ring and Commutator Ovality Measurement
Shaft Deflection Measurement
Surface Roughness Measurement
Spring Tension Measurement
Thermal Monitoring Measurement and Heat Mapping
Partial Discharge Test
Vibration Analysis and Bearing Performance Tests On-Site
Growler Test
Dynamic Balance
Rotor Shaft Blockage Test
Flame Path Test

Our Principles

To have calibrations of all the test and measurement devices fulfilled to accredited bodies on a regular basis and have certificates.
To make the right identification and right comment by measurement and reporting according to international standards.

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